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Introduction of Storme Brand Counselling

A Registered Counselor that offers assistance in the form of counselling to individuals that have gone through traumatic experiences. As well as couples that are having marriage or relationship challenges.

About Storme Brand Counselling

Trauma Counselling
I am here to assist you through counselling in dealing with and growing through the traumatic experiences in your life. Each person's view of what a traumatic experience is can be different. Below are some traumatic experiences where counselling can assist:

Losing a parent, partner, child, relative or friend
The breakdown or breakup of a long term marriage or relationship
A victim of abuse
Suffering from a debilitating, deadly or lifelong disease
A victim of a violent crime
Losing sleep over a situation in your life

These are just some situations which may be traumatic, but every person and situation is different.

Postpartum Depression
Sometimes referred to as "Baby Blues", I have a passion for helping mommies through the challenging period after a new born arrives. This is a period where there is societal pressure for you to be happy, in love and cuddle your bundle of joy. However this period might be overwhelming and filled with feelings of inadequacy, resentment and guilt. These feelings can be addressed through counselling. Assisting you in transitioning into motherhood and coming to grips with all the changes happening in you and your life.

Relationship / Marriage Counselling
Some couples get to a point where they are continuously fighting or completely ignoring one another. Your communication with one another has become obsolete and you have lost all trust in each other. You both feel there is no way to carry on and its easier to throw in the towel. Counselling can assist in determining the actual problem and working together on finding a solution and hopefully reconnect.

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